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WORLD First GALAXY P2E & NFT Metaverse

What Do We Do?

Dive to universe, Build your planets, Enjoy metaverse.
We have made the pleasure of creating an infinite galaxy and traveling in it possible. We give the user the thrill of creating planets and solar systems. Create your own world and explore it, invite your friends to see its wonders. The user can create their own planets and spaceships and share or sell them in the form of NFTs.

Play, Enjoy, Grow and Earn Money

Features of Galaxy Harvest

Users, as owners and rulers of their own planets, sell the resources extracted from each planet or use them to design and build new planets and solar systems, and increase their assets and income. Each person can design and upgrade own spacerships and maintain them as NFT assets or sell.


PARTNERS in progress

we have plan to working closely with amazing partners worldwide.

Version 1.0


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

Q4 2021 Creation of the idea of GHM project
  • Conceptualization & Branding.
  • Concept Artwork Begins.
Q1 2022 The prototype of Project
  • Foundation Structure
  • Project Planning
  • Team building
  • White paper V1 Production
Q2 2022 Start of ICO
  • Website release.
  • Presale
  • Token Launch
  • Team Private KYC & Audit
Q3 2022 Jump into Galaxy
  • Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Grow holders to 10,000
  • Minor Platform Listing
  • Building community
Q4 2022 The beginning of the Creation
  • Metaverse Dev
  • NFT Store
  • Apply for CEX Listing
  • Marketing Campaings
Q1 2023 The beginning of civilization
  • Beta Game Launch
  • Major Marketing Plans
  • More Exchange Listing
Q2.2023 Revolution of Civilizations

Galaxy Harvest Team

Let us introduce you to the team that
will make it all happen.

Onur Yaman

Creative Content Writer

Volkan Onay

Chief Technology Officer

Serpil Güngör

Chief Marketing Officer

Aras Berk

Community Manager
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